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and the healing power of Jesus.


Possibly the greatest realisation that any of us can ever make is that our own story fits into God’s greater story.  As we learn to witness for our faith, first in baptism, and then in moments that are part of everyday life, we can learn to tell our own story to friends and family: our simple, personal account that conveys the impact Jesus has had in our life.

When you tell your story, you have the opportunity to talk about the gospel’s transforming power in your life.  As you learn to tell your story, the important contrast to make for someone is this: What difference has Christ made in your life?  In other words, what were you like before Christ become your Lord and savour, and now what are you like after you've asked Christ to meet with you?


When the opportunity arises in conversation, be ready to share as simply as possible what was going on before you met Christ, and what has been going on since you began to follow Him.

It's worth taking some time and space here to develop a three-part basis for your story:

  1. the key idea that describes who you were before you met Christ;
  2. the reality that you came into a relationship with Christ; and
  3. the key idea that describes who you are after the start of your journeying with Christ.

Your simple, straightforward before-and-after explanation of Christ's work in your life can have a profound impact on someone else.  Your testimony can not be challenged, it's not about how much Bible you know - it's all about the transformation in your life because of Christ.  The Bible tells us in the book of Revelations 12:11